• Course title: Certified NLP Trainer

  • Enrollment by personal application only

  • What are the prerequisites? NLP Practitioner & NLP Master Practitioner

  • How much does it cost: GBP 3850

  • Training language: English (UK)
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The NLP Trainers Training is a perfect presentation, training and public speaking programme that gives you the presentation skills you need to present, lecture or teach groups.

This program is designed for those who wish to present, speak and run training courses professionally. It is experiential and addresses both fundamental and advanced skills and strategies for effective training and presentations. The skills covered are relevant for all types of trainings and presentations and more specifically you will be trained to deliver NLP trainings. This training contains everything you need to run a successful training and/or speaking business and present with confidence and clarity to any size of audience and group.

The programme explores the multiple levels involved in training - the what, how, why and who. A core element of the training is to create a context in which participants can discover, explore and communicate their missions and visions related to training. 

If you really want to be a successful NLP Trainer then this is the training for you. At the end of this Trainers Training you will have all the expertise you will need to be in a league amongst the very best. We take you from "shaking like a leaf" to presenting magically’ in 9 days of intensive training and speaking.

Is the training accredited and recognised?

Yes it is. We are an accredited training institute with the CPD Standards Office in the UK and approved by The Norwegian Association for Coaching & NLP.
Your Trainers are all internationally recognised Certified NLP Master Trainers and NLP Trainers.
Upon certification as a ‘Certified NLP Trainer’ you will be awarded a certificate with 80 CPD points.

What will I learn?

Every aspect of the NLP Trainer certification is covered including how to:

  • Teach and demonstrate NLP techniques and information
  • Deliver your subject in an engaging way so your students are inspired by what you share
  • Become a professional and charismatic presenter
  • Teach groups
  • Group calibration
  • Pre-teaching
  • Use of your voice and body language
  • Enter and utilise the ultimate ‘trainer state’ for poise, clarity and confidence
  • Run successful NLP introductory sessions that reflect your skills and values
  • Set up the perfect training room
  • Design group exercises
  • Give sensory based, ethical feedback
  • Use of "the art of framing" to create optimal empowerment
  • Teach at both conscious and unconscious levels simultaneously
  • Use effective state control and self leadership
  • Create resourceful and expansive states for maximum group dynamics
  • Anchor yourself and the group
  • Control the energy in the room
  • Use of metaphor in teaching
  • Use the 4-mat teaching model
  • Create integrated and continuous multi-level learning and influence
  • Use NLP models in presentations and teaching

    Stretch yourself beyond your own expectations so that you can release your true potential in all areas of your life.
    Discover with us that creating your own trainings and presentations is fun, easy, memorable and truly rewarding.

    There will also be free optional sessions in yoga, stretching, pilates, meditation and mindfulness.

How will I be assessed?

Evaluation is ongoing throughout the training and includes:
1. Presenting NLP content and demonstrations
2. Assessment in front of a live NLP training group
3. A final written and practical examination as Certified NLP Trainer
4. Personal attitude and behaviour

Your lead trainers are Gillian Godtfredsen, Melinda Merunada & Elisabeth Tanum. They are a highly functioning team of supportive, ethical, congruent and compassionate individuals. All are interprofessional models of excellence with heaps of NLP experience and decades of experience within their respective fields of leadership, teaching, aviation, physiotherapy, metaphysics, psychology & public health - and they are dedicated to bring forth the very best in you!

Can I take the training online or from home?

Unfortunately not in this instance as the skill sets you will acquire require one-to-one support and feedback. At this advanced level distant learning cannot replace the essential physical experience, practice and live group dynamics to evolve to a professional trainer/presenter. You will receive high quality feedback that will quickly enhance your development and make the learning fun and empowering.

So what's next?

Please send us your personal application specifying your outcome for becoming an NLP Trainer together with your CV and NLP certificates.
Send to post@nordicnlp.com